The featured image above was a brief by my client to design a wine cabinet in memory of her late father, which was to be a gift to her mother.  My client's father was a wine lover, and therefore the brief was a to design a cabinet to store wine, as well as having drawers in which to store wine paraphernalia which belonged to her late father.  To this day I haven't had a brief with such an immense emotional involvement.  After working with my client on various design iterations and progress during the build, we arrived at a piece which delighted both my client and her mother.

It was made in European oak, and finished in danish oil.

This cabinet was designed to hold a CD collection, to fit in an alcove on one side of a fireplace.  The other alcove contained a Chinese chest, so the brief was to create something which contained the same design details, as well as matching the colour as far as possible.

The wood selected was elm; all of it coming from the same tree.  I was able to trace the origin of the tree, and discovered that it was felled in Scotland in 2016, The drawer fronts are from adjacent boards to achieve a book-matched effect.  All of the joints were angled to match the Chinese chest.

The finished size is 1m wide, 50cm deep and 70cm high.  The drawers were fitted with Blum Tip-on Blumotion touch open and close mechanisms, for ease of opening and to maintain a clean appearance uncluttered by handles.

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