A Personalised Design Process

At Cheshire Plain we have a highly personalised way of delivering the item you want, to fit perfectly into your home.  The design process starts with a discussion about how the item will be used in your home, and how it will fit in with the existing décor.

Then we move to a prototyping stage; this can either be drawings and 3D representations, or a full-size mock-up made from basic wood, to confirm dimensions and style.

The final stage is to create your chosen design.  All items are individually made in the workshop but because everything is hand-crafted, there are always tweaks and improvements that can be made along the way, with full client involvement.


The Design stage starts with an identification of styles that you prefer, items that inspire you, your current décor, and preferred materials, from which we draft some initial sketches and graphics.  When we've refined and agreed these, and scoped out the time and budget, we move onto the prototype stage.


The Prototype stage can be as simple as a computer based 3D graphic or a full size item in a plain wood to confirm size, function, and style.  From then we move to commissioning the final piece in the build stage.  


The Build stage is quite obvious - and the most unpredictable element of the whole process.  A side table for instance may take a couple of weeks to complete, whereas a table or cabinet may require 6-8 weeks depending on the complexity and the availability of materials.


At the end of the process you'll have a unique, custom made item that is designed to suits your requirements and which you have contributed to.

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