If you need a space for working from home, or just a relaxing area to browse from, a custom-made suite can be both formal and homely.  Here's an example of a home office suite that doesn't look out of place when guests need to use the room as a bedroom:


Oak desk 170cm x 50cm x 75cm high.  Like the corner desk featured in the Bedroom page, this can also double as a dressing table for guests


Two separate units to go under the desk; 60cm high, 40cm x 40cm.  One 4 drawer unit, one with a single drawer and cupboard.  The cupboard door catch is made by embedding rare earth magnets, which create a much nicer feel on  opening and closing.  Both are mounted on casters so they can be moved easily to double up as bedside tables.


Tapered 5 shelf unit in oak.  170cm high, 65cm x 45cm at the base.  The sides are open to create a less domineering feel in the room, and the side pieces are angled to tie in with the legs of the desk.

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