Scottish Elm Serving Board – Small, Oblong



Small serving board in Scottish elm, 31cm x 19cm, 2.5cm thick, finished in food safe danish oil.

The tree that this board came from was felled in Macduff, in Aberdeenshire over 5 years ago.  This board features a live edge, and is hand finished to preserve the natural organic shape resulting from air drying over several years.  The underside is delicately concave to make it easy to pick up from a flat table surface.

Care Instructions

After use, clean the board gently with a damp cloth.  It has been oiled for its protection, so it should never be left in water or put into a dishwasher.  If the surface starts to wear, a light sanding with 240 grit sandpaper and a thin coat of food safe danish oil or other natural oil such as sunflower oil will prolong its life.